Are you looking for a good restaurant or entertaiment? Do you like to reach Kráľova hoľa, by hiking or by bike or touring skis?

Information and Guide service

If you do not need stars for hotels and restaurants, do not hesitate. Under Kráľova hoľa is a sky full of stars and with us you will not only see a lot, but also experience. We prepare a program according to your wishes and arrange with our partners everything for your holiday.

Juraj a Miroslava Žiaková
Phone: +421 (0) 915 200 092

Rental of electric bikes

E-biky pod Kráľovou hoľou is a rental of E- bikes, classic MTB bikes and fatbikes with its own charging station. Take a 13 km trip to the top of the Kráľová hoľa in less than an hour and then enjoy the fantastic views of the hills and villages around. There are many cycling trails in Šumiac area, and with an e-bike can take them everyone.

E-biky pod Kráľovou hoľou
Jána Bottu 134, Šumiac 976 71
Phone: +421 (0) 911 994 594

Shop Margarétkovo

Margarétkovo (Little healthy country) offers healthy (organic and non-organic) food, quality coffee, tea, herbs, natural medicine from Eastern European, nutritional products, oils, nuts, dried fruits, healthy sweets, ecodrogery, supplements, souvenirs and others.

Let us invite you to enjoy a good coffee, tea or something sweet.

You are warmly welcome.

Margarétkovo – malá zdravá krajina
Kráľovohoľská 409, Šumiac 976 71
Phone: +421 (0) 907 651 127

Hut under Kráľova hoľa

The mountain hut is on the blue marked hiking trail circa in the middle of the way from Šumiac to the top of Kráľova hoľa. It is reachable by walk, by bike or with ski in winter. You can get here something to drink and to eat and also stay for the night.

Location: Predné sedlo, 1451 m.n.m.

Horská chata pod Kráľovou hoľou
Kráľovohoľská cesta 768, 976 71 Šumiac
Phone: +421 (0) 908 318 376

Rental of ski touring equipment

Hut under Kráľova hoľa offers in winter the possibility to rent equipment for ski touring, so you can hike with skis to the top of one of the most visited Hills in Slovakia, Kráľova hoľa.

Vladimír Jambrich
Potôčky 189, 976 71 Šumiac
Phone: +421 (0) 908 318 376

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